Pitch and Tempo Adjustments

Customize your singing experience! Alter the pitch and tempo to match your vocal range and style, enhancing ease and enjoyment.

🔑 Key Change Capability

Sing in your best key. Easily transpose songs higher or lower without affecting the tempo for a comfortable performance.

📱 Remote Song Selection via Your Smartphone

Effortlessly select songs from your seat using your smartphone or tablet. Access our full library with a QR code scan, track upcoming songs, and see the current one playing.

🎵 Diverse Song Library

Over 60,000 songs in various languages await you, catering to every musical preference from classics to contemporary hits.

🖥️ User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy hassle-free song queuing with our intuitive system, making your song selection process seamless.

🎤 High-Quality Audio and Lyrics

Experience professional-quality singing with superior audio and accurate lyric synchronization, feeling like a star.

🎛️ Customisable Singing Sessions

Tailor each song to your liking with pitch and tempo adjustments, perfect for karaoke beginners and enthusiasts alike.

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